About commissions

Do you need a background artist?  Interested in commissioning me to illustrate your project? 

Send me a message with a short description of your game/app, the kind of backgrounds you will need, how many of them and the time frame I would have to work with.

If you are not sure if you want to commission me for a whole project, we can do a one background trial run in order to make sure that both parties are satisfied with the collaboration. After that, a 50% downpayment on the rest or full payment is fine. I accept Paypal.

Each background comes with one free revision. You will send me a description (as detailed as you like, references welcome) and I will send you a sketch. Once I get your feedback I will revise the background and finish it.


- I won't include characters in the backgrounds (people, animals).
- I reserve the right to use a few of the backgrounds for personal promotion (portfolio, social networks, blog). I will add a logo of your game if provided.
- My style can be somewhat adapted to your game, but only to a certain degree. Please keep that in mind when commissioning me.




Currently working on: 1 project

In queue: 0

Updated: July 2019

If you are interested in commissioning me, send me an e-mail at selavigames@gmail.com or use the form below:

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